Below are some commonly asked questions that we have received. Browse through them and you may find the answer to your question, if not please email us and we will provide you with the answer as soon as possible

Can I use the .psp extension in other programs other than Paint Shop Pro?
No, only Paint Shop Pro recognizes that file extension. But you can locate several converters on the web. There is a link to a converter for Photoshop in the Tools & Tips menu on this site.

Do I get the copyright to any images that are part of the websets that I download?
No, the copyright for all images stays with Hunybees Designs unless you purchase an exclusive license.

Must I place a link back to your site?
As per the Terms and Conditions, if you use one of our webset/templates then yes we will require a link to our site. An exclusive use license is also available for a small fee by contacting us. Once a webset/template license is purchased, the webset/template will be removed from our site. This does not guarantee exclusivity but will give you copyright to the designs contained within the webset/template and no link back required.

Can I recolor, crop or alter your webset/template images?
No, we ask that you do not alter the webset/template graphics in any way as this will not reflect the intended look and feel of the webset/template. Please do not add any other text or graphics to the original graphics provided. If you require changes to an existing set to suit your specific requirement, please email us and we can provide you with a reasonable quote to change the graphic.

Do I have to use the same layouts that you provide?
No you do not have to use the same layout. You can interchange backgrounds (if provided with the webset/template), use a different number of layers or no layers at all provided you keep the webset/template graphics together. Please do not mix different webset/template graphics. Most of the graphics are specifically made for each webset/template and will have the background applied to them so that the images are vivid.

What is the difference between a webset and a web template?
A web set is a set of matching backgrounds, images, buttons and dividers for pages used to create your website, be it personal, non-profit, or commercial. A web set may not contain all the elements mentioned above, but in order to be classed as a web set it must have at least one background and one matching image. A web set can consist of only a few images or it can have as many as 20-30 different images.

Templates are web pages that have been pre designed with the necessary coding and placement of any graphics to assist you in getting your website online without difficulty and in a short period of time. The coding is what is used for your fonts, colors, and usually placement of any columns on your page. All you need to do is edit the included Cascading Style Sheet to change the coding once and all pages will change throughout your site vice changing every page. All that is needed is for you to edit the links, add your content and insert your page titles and Meta tags. Once that is done simply upload the ready made pages to your web server.

Do all graphics in your sets have to be used?
No you do not have to use all the graphics provided with the webset. Again, please do not mix and match any the websets.

How do I purchase any websets/templates from your site?
If you desire an exclusive license the transaction will be done through PayPal. Any access to websets/templates, for which a license is purchased are removed from the site once payment is confirmed. There have been occasions where PayPal has for some reason delayed sending emails, so to be sure that you do receive license for the webset/template that you have ordered, please send us an email with the Set ID number found on the sample page if you have not received it within 2-3 hours.

Can I use your websets on a site that is used for profit?
Unless you purchase one of the websets/templates for a small fee, we ask that the websets/templates not be used on a commercial site.

If I would like a custom webset can you do that?  
We certainly can. There are many different ways to design a Custom Webset and many different perspectives on how one should look. If you are contemplating a Custom Webset, prepare ahead of time and take the opportunity to perhaps sketch a picture of how you would like to see your webset, the type of graphics you would like, colors and how you would like to have your site navigation menu set up. These are just some of the things that you will have to have in mind.

What is your Membership Fee?
Currently we offer a Lifetime Membership at a cost of $45 payable via Paypal. You will find the option to purchase a Lifetime Membership in the PSP Tubes & Websets section.

Why can't I login to the Members Area?
If you have purchased a membership and cannot log into the Members Area, please be aware that it may take some time for our system to confirm registration depending on how long your verification email is outstanding. When your email verification is confirmed, your login will be released and you can enter the Members Area. If the system will not allow you to login after 1-2 hours, please email us.